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once upon a time meme: twelve characters

neal/baelfire [9/12]

"I’ve seen magic. I come from another land. A land where magic is everywhere."

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once upon a time meme: eight outfits [1/8]
     ↳ Belle in 3x12/3x13/3x14

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Favorite Bones Episodes (In chronological order)

The Killer in the Concrete

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Emily Deschanel at "The Conscientious Table" Event

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Emily Deschanel at ”The Conscientious Table” Event

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 Emily Deschanel - Farm Sanctuary’s “The Conscientious Table” 

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So glad I got to see Emily tonight! I love her so much!!


So glad I got to see Emily tonight! I love her so much!!

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Emily Deschanel at ”The Conscientious Table” Event

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Emily & David being their adorable self ! 

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